Order - Carnivora
Family - Procyonidae

Raccoon Description

Raccoon weights vary from region to region. Generally, raccoons attain larger weights in northern states and lighter weights in southern states. Most adult male raccoons in northern states weigh 15-18 pounds during fall harvest seasons, with females averaging 2-3 pounds less. In some southern harvest areas, mature males weigh 9-10 pounds with females from the same areas weighing 8-9 pounds. Occasional specimens in northern states may weigh 30 pounds. Several individual raccoons have been taken from the wild weighing more than 50 pounds, but whether these animals have been fed as captives is unknown.

Raccoons have 40 teeth, including 4 elongated and sharp canine teeth. The hind legs of the raccoon are longer than the front legs, giving them a hunched appearance as they walk or run. Toes number five on each foot and the front feet are dexterous, allowing the raccoon to grasp and clutch items.

The fur of raccoons has guard hair of 2-2 1/4 inches long on the back areas, and underfur is 1 1/2" or 1 3/4" long and dense. Depending upon market demands, raccoon fur is used both as long haired fur and as a sheared and dyed short haired fur.

Fur colors vary in areas. Most raccoons are a dirty blondish with darker colors of guard hairs mottling the overall appearance. Reddish colors occur regularly in areas and some raccoons are darker colors.

Raccoon Range
-for northeastern North America (click on map for larger image)

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